Artwork created for themed shows or inspired by current events.

BEASTER | 18 x 22 inches | oil on linen


Oil on linen, 18x22 inches, 2017

Painted in April (‘the cruelest month) for a show about the Four Seasons, representing Spring, at a time when our national anxiety seems to ever increasing, I paid homage to George Tooker’s painting GOVERNMENT BUREAU {1956] which as in so much of his work conveyed a sense of governmental inefficiency, social alienation, and dread.

GRENOUIILE À LA FRACQUE | 9x12 inches | oil on panel

Grenouiile á la Fracque

A postcard design in response to Scott Pruitt’s Appointment to the EPA."Grenouiile á la Fracque", 2017 Oil on panel, 9x12

Thank you so much for ensuring that fossil fuel industry puppet, Scott Pruitt, will head the Environmental Protection Agency. A cocktail has been created to commemorate the occasion.

Grenouille à la Fracque

Three parts fracked water Two parts ginned up greed A dash of Deepwater Horizon OilSlick™ Served up and garnished with a dead frog

ENJOY!   This one’s on you!

The Four Seasons

A quartette about our changing planet. 2016.

BLASTED (Mountain Top Removal) Oil on linen, 25 x 35 inches  

BLEACHED (Coral Reef) Oil on linen, 30 x 32 inches, Private Collection

BRITTLE (Alexandra’s Ice Lagoon) Oil on linen, 25 x 35 inches, Private Collection

BLOATED (Submerged Suburb) Oil on linen, 32 x 34 inches

Big Top Economics

Oil on linen, 30 x 32 inches,2015, Private Collection

BIG TOP Detail: clockwise from upper left: The Republicans on the Housing Bubble; Stilt l Walkers dressed as Manhattan’s Billionaire Towers; War Veteran in despair; Bullish Market, Fire Breathing Western Woman with a glass of fracked water.

BIG TOP Detail: clockwise from upper left: The mostly useless Democrats; Polar Bear, Seal and Penguin before the Ring of Fire [Climate Change]; Plate Spinner [the Main Stream Media], Healthcare & Social Services against a knife throwing target; The Bear Market, Workers in chains, Native Peoples oppressed by the ‘natural gas gold rush’ surrounded by Pipelines.

BIG TOP Detail left to right::  Wall Street on the trapeze refusing to ‘catch’ Main Street; The Working Poor balancing on the tightropes, Heavy Student Debt on the trapeze; Matt Taibbi’s ‘Great Vampire Squid”

CELL GAME | 38 x 30 x 3¾ inches | mixed media


Mixed media, 38 x 30 x 3¾ inches, 2014

America’s PRISON SYSTEM as a board game. 3D icons occupy each corner of the board: The Crack House, the Prison Tower, the Public High School and the figure of Blind Justice each stand in diagonal tension to the others. Everything is connected by money—or the lack of it—as symbolized by the laundry line of $100 bills. A player moves around the 365 chain links on the board by rolling dice and taking an orange card from the pile. There are two possible exits- one leads though a narrow gate to freedom while several paths lead to GITMO. Once a player is on the board, it’s very hard to get off.  Fun for the whole family!

CELL GAME detail: Blighted Neighborhood.

CELL GAME detail: Prison Tower with Corporate Logos (of items produced by prison labor) $100 bills clipped to telephone wire (the prison economies)

CELL GAME detail: Blind Justice 

CELL GAME detail: Public High School. US state local spending on prisons and jails grew at three times the rate of spending on schools over the last 33 years. By 2014, the United States spent close to $80 billion a year on incarceration.

CELL GAME detail: cards

ACQUA PERSA | 24 x 30 inches | oil on panel

Aqua Persa

Oil on panel in a stepped, silverleaf frame. 36 x 28 inches, 2010

Painted in the style of the art deco murals of Rockefeller Center, this work depicts the different ways in which water is wasted. Huge amount of water is needed for paper industries; large scale food and fuel crop monocultures; the hydroelectric plants, nuclear waste cooling systems; and hydraulic fracturing.  . Every year, 14 billion pounds of sewage, sludge, and garbage are dumped into the world’s oceans while the lakes, rivers, and the ground water upon which life depends are degraded by hazards of toxic pesticides. Mining chemicals, nuclear matter, and fossil fuels are also in the mix.

ACQUA PERSA | detail

ACQUA PERSA detail: The figure of Poseidon perched on the Hoover Dam. Around the boarders are depictions of industrial water use, golf courses, plastic bottled water, and resulting droughts and toxic fiascos such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

ENDANGERED SPECIES POSTAGE STAMP | 9 x 13 inches | oil on linen over panel

Endangered Species Postage Stamp

Oil on linen covered panel, 9x13 inches, 2008

Statement from 2008: The Polar Bear has been the symbol for global warming since news about climate change began. Despite our culture’s love of things cute and furry, no meaningful reform of how we live on earth has occurred in private, public, or governmental spheres. There have been 14 meetings with the Conference of the Parties—and every single one has been a COP-OUT as ‘weather events’ and glacial melt continue.

The 43 cent postal charge for this stamp is an inevitability, but this also refers to the 43rd president of the United State who, while not alone responsible for this problem, has shown the most flagrant in his disregard for the seriousness of our man-made disaster. And so nature responds. The climate is changing because humans refuse to.