Big event this week:  Wednesday, Oct 21 . . . Rust/River:   Jessica Dulong reads from My River Chronicles amid Pamela Talese’s painting, juxtaposed below with my fotos.  Here’s Pamela’s Matthew Tibbetts and mine . . . in the 2008 Tugboat Race. Her Marcus Hanna and my Katherine Walker.  Hmmm . . . wonder if any other blogs have renderings of 175′ buoy tenders . .  or plan to?  Here maybe? Pamela’s Baltic Sea low and dry  and and mine high and wet. The subtitle for Pamela’s show is “Corrosion and Renewal.”  Will the corrodedFreddy K be renewed . . .  or forbid the thought . . . will Freddy K ride out on a barge like Crow is pulling here.  I know you can’t save them all, but but . . . . I can’t make Wednesday’s event, but Pamela will also be at the gallery all afternoon Friday, Oct 23, which is when I’ll drop by.